Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kung fu Duck

This was our duck, Fred. Fred is dead. Can't say I am sorry. Regardless of being the animal lover that I am, it was time for one of us to go. Fred was fun to be around him for several years, but he got crankier as the years went by. Like some people I have met in life. 
Our romance was over when Fred had started coming up behind you and pecking your leg. It made me mad when he got mine but when he got grandchildren and my older dog, he declared WAR. THEN when he got Glen, he got war. We were in the front yard and he came up behind Glen and got him on bare leg. Glen saw red. He whirled around and kicked at Fred. Instead of backing up, Fred flew up at Glen's face. I took off and landed up on the porch. I wanted a safe place to watch this action. Now, I'll admit I was laughing and I'm sorry (well, I'm not) but this was funny. The next thing Glen did made me cry laughing. Glen assumed a fighting stance--one leg behind the other and arms and fist extended like a kung fu warrior. He started bouncing and moving a little like Ali. I hollared there is a stick behind you. Without taking his eyes off the enemy, my warrior reached behind him and grabbed the stick. Fred suddenly flew at him again. Glen connected with a home run hit. Fred flew backwards for a ways before he hit the ground (didn't know ducks can fly backwards). But he was a smart duck. He left to fight another day. When he rounded the corner his feathers were sticking out everywhere, he was walking a little crooked and was heading for the barn. I clapped for my hero. 
Afternote---We found Fred dead in the yard a few months later, but not from that battle. He was a little nicer his last few months.

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  1. Love this! Hysterical! Not that I condone kung fu fighting a duck, of course! ;)


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