Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I love samples

I enjoy the samples of food items at Sam's and other stores. You taste before you buy and calories don't count on a sample.
Several times I would go to the Starbucks inside a grocery store and order a latte'. They would have a little bowl of chocolate covered coffee beans there to sample. Loved them.
One day when I went in they had a plate of fruit. Not as good as chocolate but okay. I had one piece and it was so good I was getting another when the lady checking out turned around and said "Are you enjoying my lunch." She bought this fruit at another counter and had set it down to pay for her coffee.  Oops! I didn't know. She didn't see the humor in this. I told her "I am so sorry, let me buy you more." She said kind of huffy, "No thanks" and walked off. I felt bad....but I did get 2 pieces of fruit out of the deal.

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