Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Time Away

I guess I just disappeared off blogworld for a while. Didn't mean to. Just one day lead to the next. I enjoy the blog for my own reasons. A place to tell a story, post some pictures, quote a verse or share about Jesus. So I think I will start again. 

Since I wrote last I lost my old faithful friend, my dog Tucker. It has been about a month now. Since miss those old soulful eyes that knew so much. Miss him watching out the window for my return, laying wherever I was, even those stormy days when we called him Doppler Tucker because he went and got in the tub. I made a little video of pictures of him. Pictures always help me let go of something I love.

Our Father made the dogs we love. I can only hope He thought it wise to include them in Heaven. As always He knows best what I need.