Sunday, March 14, 2010

Be Patient

 I felt about an inch tall. My Dad has Parkinson and he lives alone. We all make daily trips there to care for him. His legs must be wrapped every morning to prevent swelling. Sometimes, especially on Sunday, I wheel around that drive on two wheels and go in like a whirlwind. My Dad's fast gear is gone. Parkinson took that from him. He has to struggle to stand and then remain standing till his legs get the message to move. In medical terms it is called freezing.
 I really don't feel any impatience with this. He is doing everything he can. But there was something simple that happen recently that I learned from. I was bringing him home, had groceries in the car and he was getting his keys out. He was moving them around in his hands and I reached for them. He just quietly said, "I was trying to give you the right key."--What was so important that I had to take keys out of his hand?
"Lord, help me to be wise and patient. Don't let my actions rob Dad of what dignity he has left. He has been such a good Dad and so patient with me all my life."

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