Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Ride with Wheels

I haven't rode with Glen on his Honda Gold Wing much. But I have come a long way from "I never will" to--"okay I will ride some but I still scared." But I do enjoy it. 
We had one ride this summer that will always be a special memory for the rest of my life. We went with 5 other couples on what started out a small ride to Holly Springs. Walked around a festival and shopped a few stores. The ladies all laughed and each got a press on tattoo. Now these are "older" church ladies. Fun. Didn't want the day to be over so we went to Oxford Ms. Shopped more. Talked of going home but instead went to Sardis Lake. Finally at 8 pm we made it back near home and stopped and ate Mexican.  We all hugged when we left and hated the night to be over. One man came up and hugged Glen then me.
Why is this such a special memory? Because the next day this man was going out to cut his grass and died suddenly from an aneurysm in the lung.
 He and his wife were such a special couple. They both were so much fun and laughed at everything. He led the prayer at our meals. Talked of how they had loved each other since high school. They talked of going the next day to hear their son preach. I keep remember his laughter and love of life.  He never thought the next day, he would be with his Lord. 
His wife had bought a t-shirt at the festival. This is the verse that was on the back.
Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
This picture was taken a few months before and he had rode with them. They had lost another in their group to cancer.
Life is short and so uncertain.

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