Sunday, March 21, 2010

It skipped a generation

My daughter is a wonderful person. Great daughter, wife and mom. Just not a horse person. I don't hold that against her. She loves fabric stores, decorating  (Just like my Mom did). But horses make her sneeze. (Fabric stores make me sneeze)
But my granddaughter is a different story--in some ways she is like her mother 

And in other ways she loves animals especially horses like me..

When she comes to our house she begs to get Gracie out to ride. I know how it feels to dream about riding so I usually give in. 

One time when the ride was over she said hold me close to  Gracie. I did and she held Gracie's ear and said "I love you". Then told me "I am full now".
Haven't you ever had a ride that you could say, " I am full now."

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