Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Day I was a Hero

I was telling friends this story the other day--I remember it so well.

My daughter and 2 grandchildren and I were in Florida for vacation.
We had been to the beach and come back to the pool before calling it a day.  Both grandchildren had taken swimming lessons and could dog paddle in place but couldn't swim.
We were getting out of the pool and gathering up to go in. I had put on my cover up and flip flops and looked up and my grandson had jumped in the pool and was under. I called out my daughter's name. She turned and said "Mom, he can swim." I thought "yeah right" but she refused to act. I threw down my bag and jumped in clothes, flip flops and all. I grabbed him and held him close to my bosom (well where my bosom should be)..... Then I looked and saw my grandson walking around.  I slowly looked down unto the biggest scared eyes I have ever seen. I had rescued a young boy who had been diving and jumping off the diving board. His looks was one of sheer terror--"Lady, what are you going to do to me." I let him go but he swam quickly away before I could apologize. I hope I didn't traumatize him too much. I squished my way to the side and slowly climbed out. No applause to welcome me, just my daughter's laughter.

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