Friday, April 10, 2015

Beautiful Birds

Had a couple of encounters with two different beautiful birds. The first in my own backyard. A hawk was perched on a chair in our yard near the lake.

I started out taking pictures from a good distance away, but when he didn't fly away I got closer and closer until I was right in front of him. I kept thinking if he attacks, my first thought will be, "You knew better!"

I kept snapping until the wings ruffled and lifted up. I think that was my warning. I blinked first and backed away.

My second encounter was an eagle in the wild. At Shiloh Tennessee, in the middle of the battlefield and canons, a pair of eagles have built nest and had babies.

The nest was enormous.

Would love to go back when the babies start to fly.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To Infinity and Beyond

Buzz has had such a busy week being a super hero.

He had to hurl rocks at the enemies….

Blast off into space to save little kids

Race to save a little puppy in the street…

Then return to the docking station to spend a little time with his "super hero"

This is Buzz Lightyear signing off till the next adventure…

Be safe out there!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Fathers in my Life

Today is Father’s Day 2013. 
A sweet day because I still have my father.
 This picture shows where I got my love of horses. I was safe in my Dad's hands.

Now he is eighty-three, but still living, struggling but still fighting. Parkinson and age has taken away the confident, head-up stride that he used to walk but he doesn’t give up. He lives alone since we lost Mom and every day is a battle to just accomplish every day functions. He will be up several hours before I pick him up for church today, because it will take all that time for him to get ready. His courage is showing his family how to go ahead when life gets hard. His love of his life is gone, but he is showing us that a greater love from His Heavenly Father is giving him the strength to make the day. Thank you Father, for my Dad. I love you, Dad.

 Thankful for my husband of 43 years. Thankful for strength, his support and his love. He has so many health problems but still has time for others. I love you, Glen

Thankful for son-in-law. Wonderful father to my grand-children. His immeasurable love he has for them, for my daughter, and for His Heavenly Father. I love you, David.

 And thankful most of all for my Heavenly Father, my Lord. Thank you Father, for loving me, giving me a hope and a future, forgiving me, never leaving me, guiding me, giving me a peace beyond understanding. I wipe a tear because this love is indescribable.  I love you, Lord.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

King Dog Dethroned

 (A friend's dog) 
He had it so easy when he was the only dog.
 Days of frolicking in the flowers 
Kids came from all over to pet him...

And then there was HIM

Why...why why

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ready for Adventure

 Hey Buddy, I got a car stashed out front if you want to make a get-away.
 You get her attention and I will crawl out the front.
 You coming?
 She is smarter than I thought!
 Maybe we can run right through her!

 She is funny when she is jumping.

 Plan B--get her attention.
 Look....a squirrel!
Buddy, same time tomorrow?