Monday, March 8, 2010

Life is Good

First warm weekend after a long winter with cold snowy days. Us Southerns tend to whine after the little white stuff stays around a few days.
Today 65 to 70 degrees. So my day started at 6 am with a 3 mile walk with a friend, then rode Gracie for a 3 hour ride (a 3 hour tour--you know -Gilligans Island--never mind). What a great ride. Gracie was ready to go.
This next picture may just look like an abandon machine to you

But it represents so much more to my turn-around-gang. It means we just came up John Deere Hill a long hill that the horses gait and compete going up. We are always grinning at the top.
Then I took a bike ride. I didn't want to come in the house..Hmmm the neighbor has a jet ski and we have a lake...I wonder if I can google how to hot wire a jet ski.

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