Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wheat Fields

We had a good trail ride this week. Both of my cousin's daughters were able to ride with us. One hasn't rode much but everything went smooth. We also have a new lady riding with us on a horse that she is learning dressage and eventing. Enjoyed her company.
We started early and all teased about having a whole day to ride. But weather interfered with that. But we still had a great time.

Here was the wheat fields a few weeks ago and another showing how now they are ready for harvest.

We got about as far as we could on the ride on when a husband called and said it is hailing on him in town. Now I wear a helmet but the horse doesn't. I am positive I don't want to ride in either hail or lightning. Especially since the friend riding with me had lost 3 horses to lightning (two of her own and one that she had sold to a friend.) 
We headed for the house. The horses must have sensed the excitement because the ride home was a dream ride. Gracie has the sweetest fast walk and she didn't miss a beat. All the makings of a good day.

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