Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lesson Learned

Have you ever done something that the whole time you are thinking "This is an accident waiting to happen". I have been doing that for several months now. Riding my bicycle with my dog on a leash running beside me. If I had seen that person going down the street I would have said "look at that idiot". But I kept on, knowing better.

Well yesterday I met Mr. Asphalt. Know him very well. Laid on him for a while. Here I was going at a good speed and my velcro dog decides to stop to poop. I thought I was holding the leash loose enough, but when he stopped it jerked the handlebars sideways. Funny how you can see the ground coming at you so quickly. Then the landing. I think I laid there awhile inventorying my body parts. But I was very blessed to only have black and blue parts not broken.  I will live to ride again. But the dog is on his own.

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