Friday, May 7, 2010

An Adventure

Sometimes our days have a lot of twist and turns. Yesterday was a beautiful May day with no specific plans, so riding was an option. A friend called to see if we were, but when we went to feed Glen's horse, Preacher was limping. Something about the way his hooves looked made me afraid he had foundered. That is where they eat too much (sometimes spring grass and their hooves turn out.) A bad thing--sometimes you can never ride them again. 
So we called our friend and farrier and who left jobs and came immediately. It is an abscess so he doctored it. That left Glen out so I saddled and went to meet the two ladies riding. Bye Glen.
Great ride. Went through some trails I haven't been on in a few years but still remembered the way to get through them. Did have one incident where one ladies' horse stumbled, went down on its knees and then his back twisted trying to catch himself.  She stayed in the saddle till the twist. But it was soft ground and so she didn't seem to be hurt. As we get older it seems like we don't bounce very well and the ground seems harder. 
We rode through a lot of fields with the yellow flower that grows in pastures here. The horses' hooves were covered. One pasture had some curious calves that couldn't quite figure us out.

Then to complete the adventure, my friend and I saw some wild flowers to dig up. So she said she would pick me up on a four wheeler and go back there. What she drove was actually more like a dune buggy.

 This is where I thought--some people have to go on vacation and pay for the opportunity to do things like this. So two fifty-something year old "ladies" went flying (and I mean flying down the road and through the fields) with one grinning from ear to ear. I wanted to yell "yahoo" but contained myself (or maybe not).

 Once we got the flowers, the return trip I had to refrain from smiling. Why? Where there are cows, there are cow patties. She hit a marshy area and what splattered on us had to be a mixture of mud and poop. I looked at her and laughed then looked down at myself. But it was worth every spot. Fun times.
The down side was I broke my camera when I sat on it. Guess they aren't made to be a seat cushion in a dune buggy. Now it is camera hunting time.

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