Saturday, May 1, 2010

I enjoy my part time job as a secretary in my church. Two days a week leave me plenty of time for riding, family days, grandkids, etc.
Working at your own church in a small town has plenty of advantages and disadvantages. A church member sees you and needs to tell you something so they won't forget. You might be a women's stall in the restroom and get a prayer request that needs adding to the prayer list. (now what can I write this on?) Or my birthday is the 16th not the 15th.. (I'll try to remember). Or be sitting in church looking at a mistake you made on the big screen and hoping no one else noticed it (It looks to me like it has a neon sign flashing by it.) But where else can you work where you make a mistake and your bosses says "Bless her heart."
Our church office is like our own version of Mayberry. Retired men (woman are never retired) hang out and tell old stories.  But that's okay. You love stories and know most of people. The phone calls that we get can be so funny.."You might tell everyone cows are out down Macon Road" or "How long do eggs keep in the refrigerator"

I remember one widower that came every day for a long time. He and his wife and cleaned the church for years. She died unexpectedly and left him alone. The cemetery was right outside our window. Most days he would just sit in the office and cry. Or sleep.  He knew every inch of that church and it was home to him  and felt close to her.. He would sit for hours each day and we would work around him (quietly when he slept).Some days he would tell old stories and you would try to work and listen. I remember quite often he would quote the preamble to the constitution for us "We the people". Reminded me so much of a Barney episode.

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