Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Rescue

My sister's gift is mercy. When you are talking to her, she usually has a story of someone she is burdened about. The good thing about this is that you also know that she is giving the right response to the problem. She is spending time in prayer for the person, she is listening, and loving that person. This gift is now helping her as she volunteers at her church to work with troubled teens. She is putting to action her gift from God.

The church has adopted an inner city school and show support to the kids. They are making a difference in their lives by attending sports, loving them and working with them. She said sometimes they run up for a hug and she realized it might be the only hug they get that day.

Yesterday they took a group of kids downtown. Their mission was to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids and to walk the streets with them and pray for the city. Memphis in May BBQ was going on, so the streets are full of people. At one corner, one girl asked if they could pray for the firemen at the fire station there. Said she prayed the sweetest prayer for them.

Then something happen that would give me nightmares. They went into a tall building and was stuck in an elevator for an hour and a half. They found out later they had 10 people and a cooler full of water in an eight passenger elevator. Said she started to panic but realized the kids needed her to be calm so she prayed. There was some panic but each was able to help the other. She said later she asked one boy how he had stayed so calm. He said if you knew my world that I live in everyday, this was nothing.

As time went on, my sister said it was hot and hard to breathe. Alarms and cells phones wouldn't work. Finally a cell phone worked and they called for help. Who came? THE FIREMEN who the young girl had prayed for.

Those adults and teens went away from an scary incident seeing God answering prayer and His rescue. The firemen went away remembering a little girl's prayer.

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