Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Cowboy Grows Up

Went to a beautiful wedding last week. My riding buddy grew up to be a fine young man and married his sweetheart.  Like the preacher at the wedding said, "they light up when the other walks in the room".

This young man is my cousin's son. When he was younger his dream was to own a horse. At that time, it had been about 10 years since I had rode much and we had one horse. He would come with his family and ride our horse for a while until he was given a free horse that he kept in our pasture. Now he worked all summer cutting grass for the man who gave him this "free" horse. Guess he didn't look this gift horse in the mouth enough.
He and I spent a lot of hours riding and learning. His mom and sister now both own horses and we have so many wonderful rides and adventures.
When he first started he was so afraid but wanted to ride so much he overcame his fear.  I saw this boy turn from a scared, determined rider unto a man who is now training horses.
Now he and his beautiful wife both have horses. Hope they find the time to have a few adventures with the gang. I mean what could be more fun than that in newlywed's lives.

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