Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leave a Legency

I always enjoy my walks with the ladies at 6 am every day. We have heard a million stories. Most of the time the same one and we laugh like it was the first time we heard it. That is a good thing about getting older-every day is a new day. There was a story today that is worth repeating.
A friend's father-in-law had died and they were having the funeral. The preacher told a story that the family had heard many times. The father-in-law had been a policeman most of his life in Memphis. He had a certain bar that was on his route to patrol. He knew that the woman that worked there was a struggling single mother with small kids. So he would bring a sack of clothes from his wife or give some money for her to buy milk and groceries. He was being remembered for this act of kindness.
Also at the funeral was a friend of the daughter-in-law. She was there because she worked with her and wanted to show her support. As the story was being told,the friend started crying. She was that woman. She had no idea she was attending the funeral of the policeman who showed kindness and compassion to her many years ago. 
It reminded me of that song--"I would like to leave a legency, how will they remember me..."

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