Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Early Morn Ride

   Today the temperature was going to be heat index of 107 so I knew the only opportunity to ride would be early. So I went to feed a little before 6 AM.

I was in the saddle by 6:15 AM and went across the street to wait on my friend to finish saddling. Her horses were curious and came to meet us.

   After a good early horse show of running and bucking by her horses, we headed down the road. Even this early it was already a warm day so we moved a little slower than usual. But at least I was on a horse. We rode along the side of crops of corn and soybeans and through one field of beautiful yellow flowers.
   Arriving back home I gave Gracie a cool shower so what do you think she will she do first thing when I put her in the pasture. Roll, of course. 
Then our adventure ended like it started with Preacher running to the barn.

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  1. Great pictures. It was a fun ride. Enjoyed it! Just let me know when you want to do it again. Any or all mornings will work for me :)


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