Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Enjoyed another good ride this week. The temperatures are hitting 90's now so we start early.
I can't say enough what a gift from God Gracie is. I have a horse that I can saddle up, she stands so still when I get on, she leaves a pasture mate back at the house without being an issue, and just goes down the road doing what is expected of her.
We met up with my cousin and girls.  During the ride I  saw deer, a wild turkey, and a lone coyote. We ride through farm dirt roads by freshly planted fields. I love the outdoors and this is such therapy to me. It is funny to me the wild plants and flowers that are so beautiful that we just refer to as weeds.

Had a great ride with the girls over to the gas lines where we have a hill that is fun to gait up. A ride that everyone stays topside of a horse is a good ride. Good memories.

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