Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wrought Iron

I enjoy having different wrought iron pieces, fencing and old garden gates and using them in my garden. I have one garden gate that came from an old architectural salvage warehouse in New Orleans. I ask the owner if he could say it came from a brothel. He said if I bought it he would say anything I wanted him to.We have several large fence pieces from when my husband helped with a landscaping job and these were leftover pieces that they didn't want. They are pre-civil war because it was before welding. We have used them in our garden and he even made a bed with them. 
    Another piece came from a flea market in Canton Tx. It was from an old cemetery. I remember Glen had to ride home with his seat and it poking him in the back. I was fine on my side. I don't what his problem was. Only a 6 hour trip.


  1. Welcome!

    I like the black and white photo. Lots of texture and pattern.

    Please, in future, post a link direct to your B&W entry, not just to your blog.

  2. I just discovered you thanks to the link in B&W Weekend. I like your horses, I like your dogs and I like your blog.

  3. You have a beautiful garden! I'd love to walk along your paths and enjoy it. Lots to see. Great black/white photo!

  4. Gorgeous wrought iron pieces - wow! Found you through 7MSN's blog; I just loved your odometer guess and thought I'd come peek at your blog (and now that I know where you are, I'll be back to visit again :o)

  5. Thanks all. I am still learning. I am not in the same league as 7MSN. It is my favorite. But I am enjoying this.


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