Monday, June 7, 2010

Uninvited Guests

We had two uninvited guest this week.
First was a snake. Right tttthere. Right where I lay on my little float with a book in my hand. Right where a lot of times I float to the edge for a sip of water that I usually reach behind me and get. He was big. Very big. Glen tried to get his long pole snake catcher and get him but he literally flew off the deck. He said it was a blue racer. But I have learned something about Glen. He says every snake is either a garden snake or a water snake so I won't think of it being poisonous. But this one was blue and he did race so maybe it was.

Game Plan--I won't be scared away from my own little world. So I will return to the pool. But I planning on my little Buddy being with me to walk around on the outside.  I figure the  constant movement will keep it away. Right?
Second guest was a little fuzzy-head baby whose mama decided our porch fan was a great place for her nest.  A porch fan that we use quite often in the summer. Luckily we saw the nest before we turned it on and gave junior a unscheduled early flight.
Mom and Dad bird would get very agitated at any attempt on my part to actually use our porch and sit on it. The squawks would increase the longer I sat there. I would take the hint and leave.  She had built such a well-made nest using moss and horse hair among other things. I am really curious--how did she get the horse hair? I don't ever see it just laying on the ground. Did you swoop down and grab a handful? Guess I will never know.

Finally Junior left the nest this week. Fly high, little man, it is a hard world out there! And don't venture into the backyard where sneaky snake lives.

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