Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Go Ride Something Else

"Gracie, heads up. She is walking down here with a halter. What is she doing? It is noon. She always rides in the morning. You said we are safe after 10 AM."

"Don't look at her. Maybe she doesn't see us." 
 "She sees us. I am out of here."
 "Maybe she will chase him."
 "No eye contact, no eye contact."
(Arms crossed)..."I'm not going."

"Pleaase, I am so comfortable."
"Good day to ride a bike!"

"Can't you just sit here and lets talk about it?"

(Ears back)....."I am going but not happy about it!"
"Can I go?"


  1. My dog's ears go back when he doesn't want to walk either...maybe he really is part horse.LOL I love your pictures!

  2. That is such a sweet post. I love the horse just laying there in the sun enjoying the day.

    The dog like what are you thinking?
    Love your pcitures.

  3. cute story!!!!
    i just bet that she enjoyed it once you
    got going!


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