Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curious Cows in the Snow

It usually snows here about two to three times a season, but this season we have had at least five. Two of them have been this week. I am tired of it but with Northern states having 20-30 degrees below, I am trying to whine quietly. It is 16 tonight but 65 degrees predicted next week. So I will make it and meanwhile take my pictures. These cows were good sports and curious about the woman wearing a camera...
 "Ralphie (from Christmas Story)---
Don't put your tongue to the pole"
 "Are you my mama?" 
Due to the snow the off-ramp of Hwy 385 is backed up. No "tail gating."
Minnie Pearl
Just another pretty face
Cold Milk


  1. Oh, Brenda. I am definitely sending a link to this post to my daughter Jenna. She is very much into taking pictures of cows lately. :-) She'll love these. You're such an awesome photographer!

  2. Lisa I would love to see her pictures. Let me know if see has a site. Tell her to come and ride horses with me and take cow pictures!

  3. She did love these; I knew she would. I'll give her the message. She could take pictures and my older daughter could ride horses (she's a major horse lover). :-)

    Jenna's photography site is:

  4. Brenda, you should publish a book of photos! I love them all...especially Minnie Pearl and the baby!

  5. I understand the whining. If you're not used to it, you're not used to it. That's had. I'd be whining too. Heck, I am whining and all it's doing here is threatening to snow and raining like crazy.

    Love the cow pics. They seem unphased by the change in their environment.


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