Friday, August 5, 2016

Road Trip to Amish Community

I love a road trip, especially when I have the camera sitting in my lap. It means our trip will involve me saying, "Stop, wait, back up a little, I'm getting out." 
This trip was to Pontotoc Mississippi and we went to the Amish Community in Randolph.

I love everything about riding down those roads. The beautiful white houses and red barns with clothes hanging on the lines. Young kids cutting grass with a horse and sickle. Buggy and horses everywhere.

There are signs at the roads telling what they sell. I have bought horse supplies on a previous trip at one house that sold saddles and such. This trip we bought homemade squash pickles, green tomato pickles, watermelon and a large jar of honey. Last time we bought honey with the comb in it. Very good. I wanted to buy sorghum. We went to the house where they were making it on our last trip but they were out. 

It is August now and the heat has been unbearable. High 90's and 100's. Yet these people are without electricity and are out working in heavy dark clothes.  

We were told at one house that there was an auction going on at one of the houses where the family was moving out. As we pulled up I realized the parking was different than most parking lots!

 The auction was so interested. I could stayed all day. Old sewing machines, wagons, chairs, and more. And the Amish all came to shop and sell.   

I hope to make another trip soon. Maybe on a cooler day.

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  1. I so enjoy your blog. Thanks for your inspiration and sharing with me (us). You express your love so clearly for God....continued blessings! *U*


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