Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Start of a Good Day

Enjoying the cool weather and several chances to ride this week.
Leaving out early
and waiting on friends to saddle up.

I love riding through the crops during harvest time.

The yellow wild flowers look like they would glow in the dark...
Could I smile any bigger?


  1. There is a woman that rides a horse along the road I take to grocery shop. she never smiles. Ever. If it were me on that horse, I'd be smiling from ear to ear and waving to everybody. I hope she knows how fortunate she is...I'm glad you are smiling! And yes, I thumped the watermelon just for fun!

  2. Dear Friend ~ These are just stunning pictures ~ Wow ~ you and Anita (up above) have a way of capturing the stories of "life" through the lens in a way that just takes my breath away ~ thank you, dear heart, for sharing!! You are such a beautiful woman, inside and out!! PS My subscription worked!!! Got the notice in my e-mail!! Much love ~ alice

  3. Anita I can't imagine not smiling riding a horse. It would be like you walking your dogs on beautiful days with a frown. Impossible. Maybe she is not riding a gaited horse and is bouncing. Now that would make me frown.
    Alice, everyone needs a post from you everyday to make them feel special. Saying kind words are a gift also.
    I do thank God not so much for how the pictures look but how much I enjoy taking them.


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