Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So many say they wish horses were a part of their lives. I so understand that. To me if you are a pet lover, you would love horses. The added bonus is getting wonderful rides, being with friends, rides through the countryside and the love of a horse. So I thought I would give you a ride on both of my horses.
The first ride is on Gracie, my horse I have had since she was three. She was kind of a rescue since she was kept in cold dark barn. I have covered alot of miles with her. She is about 10 years old. So smooth. She is a gaited Tennessee Walker. It is a little more windy than usual curiosity of Hurricane Irene. Hang on and go ahead keep drinking your coffee. She is that smooth.

Next ride is on my husband's horse named Preacher. He is a little go-ey so keep a tight rein. He can be smooth unless he starts dancing (kind of a two-step with a little attitude thrown in). Hope you enjoy your ride!


  1. Oh how fun to ride with you! I did better hanging on with your horse and I loved the sound of the wind blowing in my hair! (-:
    Thanks for making my day. Tomorrow I will have something about horses on my blog too.

  2. These are the coolest videos....I can't believe how beautiful it is where you live!! What a blessed, beautiful life!! Love ~ alice


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