Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cold Ride in a Field Trial

We rode yesterday in a field trial at the Ames Plantation and had such a good time. It was 14 degrees when we got there but warmed up to 44. I had 6 layers on top so I was fine. (couldn't bring my arm up to scratch my nose but I was fine) My husband and I rode with 3 of our friends. 
 Two of us stood out with our helmets but we didn't care. 

Here is one of our friends getting ready to scout. He will run along the fields as we ride in the gallery and will try to keep the dog in line of vision of the judges.
We rode 3 hours with each having one hour braces that 2 different dogs will run. Here they are letting two dogs go.

I was hoping this picture would show the steam coming off this horse. He just scouted the last brace. Notice how they all ground tie their horses when they jump off. The horses just stand there.

Here my husband riding Preacher. He was beaming he was so proud of him. Both of our horses did great. The ditches can be intimidating with the crowd going down and they did fine. Both would hit into a singlefoot or lope if a dog had a find. You start off in a gait and they never walk in the entire 3 hours.  Gracie still had so much go in her even at the last hour. Deb and I usually let them go singlefooting when the dogs are taken up and that is the most fun because they are flying. I could see the horses watching and waiting for this. 

There were at least 10 or more bird points (whatever language they use) and that is so pretty to watch.

The dog isn't suppose to move as the handler walks through the grass flushing the birds out. I missed a great shot by not having my camera out--one flush the covey flew straight at me like fighter bombers. 

It was such a good day. You came home tired but smiling. 


  1. I didn't realize horses were used in field trials. Sounds like fun.

  2. Great photos! And good for you wearing a helmet!!! I started out many years ago as a neuro-trauma RN and I'd definitely recommend helmets to all riders!


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