Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Good Christmas

Had a good Christmas this year with family. Three years since Mom has been gone and this was really the first that didn't seem sad.
Kid's gifts were fun. Granddaughter got 2 dolls and was suppose to pick the one she liked best. She liked them both. Of course.
 My husband and I decided on one big gift this year for each and that was different. Not a lot under the tree. But I wrapped the ipods in several boxes and it was fun watching them come apart.

 Meme, another box?

 Dude, It's a ipod!

 Needing help from Dad

 Music time

Good Memories!


  1. Oh what fun you must have had! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved the expressions on their faces. Made me smile. I am glad you had a happy Christmas this year. God Bless you, and your lovely family.
    Dianne. :)

  3. Cute photos....hard to believe the New Year is already here. I'm still enjoying my Christmas memories here too!


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