Saturday, January 15, 2011

All the Pretty Horses

These are pictures of my neighbor's horses and some of the best shots. I have theory about that. I was trying to take some of my two black horses and with the white snow it is hard to get balance right. But on these I think the sorrel (red) horse named Lily provided the right tones to set the picture. Those taken with her are my favorite because of the sharpness and color.

 This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. I love the combination of the bridge, snow and horses.

What a fun day taking pictures!


  1. These are just STUNNING! The combination of color and black and white is exceptional! The first photo is my favorite I think, maybe because I would just love to see that myself!

  2. Your pictures are SO incredible, Brenda. I would send them to my daughter to look at, but I'm afraid it would make her too sad. She bought a horse last year but sold it a few months ago because she didn't have time or money to continue affording it (she's still in college; go figure). I hope she gets horses again one day though because she loves them so much, and maybe she'll teach me not to be afraid of them. :-)


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