Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow and Horses

Memphis and snow. Means different things to different people. School is out. Kroger had long lines and bread was sold out. One northerner said she had never heard of canceling church because of snow. We all act like we would be snowed in for weeks. But this is Tennessee. It is nine degrees today and predicted to be fifties by the weekend. I look for buttercups any day.
So what does it mean to me? It means I can't wait to take pictures of the horses and our lake in snow. Some of the pictures are starting to look just like the snow pictures from last year.
I love taking pictures of my horses but it so hard to get the focus and white balance with black horses and white snow. Back to reading about camera settings.

I love it when they run and act like wild horses. (It helped that I was waving my arms and making noises. My husband asked from the house "Were you chasing those horses?" I told him I was waving at a horsefly but I don't think it bought it.)

They always came back to me like saying, "That was fun!"

I took some of the neighbors horses that I post next.

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  1. Well, obviously, waving your arms (LOL!) worked! Those are GREAT photos! How well I remember Tennessee in the snow. Great memories. Love the photo of your house and barn too. Very nice!


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