Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Paws and Woo-dolf the Weimdeer

 "Help Me!"
 "Do you have any idea how goofy you look?"
 "Why doesn't she make you wear one?"

"Ho, Ho, Ho, because I am older and wiser."

"He, he, he, older and wiser huh? I see where that got you."
 "Oh Lord, please help me! I have been a good dog, I have never even bit her. Amen"
"I think I am going to need therapy"

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  1. They are beautiful rein-dogs! My dogs are afraid of antlers...I tried that once! And yes, I carry my camera in a back pack all the time. It has become my purse and every once in awhile it pays off. Silly as it sounds, getting a picture of the owl was a bucket list moment for me!


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