Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Peabody

We went to downtown Memphis yesterday and I was able to take some fun pictures. Cold, especially on the river (about 22 degrees). 
I always enjoy walking through the Peabody and was in the lobby when I noticed that the duck man (for lack of better description) was going to the rooftop to bring down the famous Peabody ducks; so like a good duck I followed. 
When he let them out of their cage and they rounded the corner, they were "strutting their stuff". (I didn't think it would be polite to remind them I have some on the pond that look just like them.)
It was cold and I was glad to see the elevator was waiting for me... 
Would you believe the little snobs wouldn't let me on? I had to run get my own. But I made it in time to wait with the others with cameras ready...

For the drum roll and the mighty ducks to come out...

Here is the funny part. I thought there was enough light that I didn't need my flash (I don't like the harsh light it puts out.) I wanted a mood setting. 
I didn't count on the little buggers going so fast...
 See them..See that little brown shadow..you can almost make out a foot.. I asked for "do over" but they paid me no mind....Who knew they were NASCAR Ducks.
I started to tell them I had a recipe for duck soup.


  1. Your story in pictures is so fun, but that last photo wins the prize! Nascar ducks! LOL! I think you should enter a photo of yours pets in the iheartfaces pet challenge!

  2. my daughters and i learned about this tradition last year and watched a youtube video of it.
    so fun!

  3. Interesting- I had no idea about the Peabody ducks.


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