Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Lesson On A Log

"Harness the horses, mount the steeds, take your positions with helmets on..." Jer. 46:4  
A friend has started a Bible Study in our neighborhood and we meet each week at her place.
Now what makes this unique is that we meet in her barn. You see, these ladies all share the same interests---a desire to study the Word of God and our love of horses.  So we meet, we study, then ride.  
 This week to change it up a little we went to a state park and rode.  So on a beautiful, crisp day we set out through the woods...

We had a fun ride going up and down the hills along beautiful trails. Then when one rider said her stomach was growling it was our signal for lunch. We stopped, tied the horses up and ate on a convenient log.
When lunch was over we sat on our log and studied the Christmas Story in Matthew and Luke. What a sweet story to be thinking about while you enjoyed being with friends, out in God's beautiful world with our horses  nearby. I thought about when our Savior was born and he was surrounded by God's animals and placed in a feeding trough. I thought about us just being a group of ladies, about six or seven, how could we ever make a difference? How could God use us? We are so unimportant in this whole scheme of life? Then I remembered how God sent an angel to a group of lowly shepherds. A group of nobodys. Yet God used them to give the greatest birth announcement ever presented. They in turn told everyone around. I pray God uses this small group of women to make a difference in our homes, to our friends, and to a lost world.

 We finished our ride and I have to put it in down in my book as a memory making day. Thank you Father for my love of horses, my friends, your beautiful woods, but most of all for the greatest gift of all, my Savior and His gift of salvation.

 Oh, and thank you also for the gift of laughter.


  1. This is incredibly beautiful. In every way. Love this for so many reasons. God is definitely using you, Brenda!

  2. Well, this would be the perfect day for someone who has dreamed of owning a horse since she was a little girl AND sharing her faith with others who love the Lord. Beautiful!

  3. Wow I know that was a great time.. I had the same experience/photos from this fall here in Ohio...


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