Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a Little Walk

   It is not that big of a lake. You can see all the shores. So when a friend you want to take a hike around Herb Parsons... I said sure. I take pictures there all the time, why not a little walk. She forgot to mention one thing. She had joined a hiking meet-up group and another man was meeting us there.
We started off a leisurely pace. No problem. A family was there and they were starting a hike and was asked to join us. Our group just got bigger. By the time we got to that distant shore, I was starting to feel it. My feet were hitting an occasional root more often. But hey, we have to be close to end. That is when our fearless leader stopped and pointed and said, "we are now close to the halfway." Close to Halfway?
Much later (Three and a half hours from start to finish and seven and half miles) we reached our cars. Did I whine? How could I? Did I mention that the mom and dad with us each carried a backpack with toddlers in them? For three and half hours. I couldn't even whine.
As an added note--this was Veteran's Day and the dad was an active Navy serviceman. I was able to tell a soldier and his wife on Veterans' Day--""Thank You!"


  1. Your photos are beautiful. I found myself in a similar predicament with my sister a few weeks back...keep going or turn around. We kept going too and were rewarded with tired feet, but beautiful views!I love this last sepia image.


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