Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thousands of Birds

My husband and were taking a ride through country roads and came across two soybean fields that from a distance looked like they was loaded with cotton ready to pick. But couldn't be because it was the end of December. 
As we got closer, I realized it was birds. Not hundreds but gazillons.  They totally covered the field.
After researching, I found out they were snow geese from Alaska, Canada and around the tundra. They travel over 3,000 miles with their migration route coming down through Tennessee and  Mississippi. So welcome guys. How do they arrange this migration? Do they get together and say, "Okay we leave on the 12th and will have a rest stop in Desoto County."
They wouldn't let me get close for better pictures. Could have been because my dog, Buddy was so excited and running ahead.
Also, took a picture of an old bridge on the way home. Always enjoy those riding around days even though I remember--that is what old folks do.


  1. How beautiful...I'm not sure I have ever seen them. We noticed the Canadian geese last night....yes, gazillions too....the sky was just beautiful with their V formations.

  2. Loved the photos as always and you're right - they did look a little like cotton! If you haven't seen the movie "Fly Away Home" ( ), I think you'd enjoy it. Especially after seeing this.


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