Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finding His Own Place

Buddy has found his own place in our hearts. Not replacing Tucker but filling a new spot. He has his own quirts and some are just as unexplainable as Tucker's were. Sitting in a room staring ahead making you wonder what he is thinking about!
 When it is a boy and BB gun on a safari hunt, he is a great companion.
But I had to laugh in amazement at him this week. I went out to take pictures of the fog and the horses running....

I was walking back and heard a commotion. I turned and saw a whole herd of deer in the pasture and Buddy in the middle. The funny part--he wasn't chasing them, he was running from them. The deer all ran out of the pasture except for one that was cut off from the herd. This young deer decided the dog running look like a deer so it chased him and wanted to play. My brave boy ran as fast as he could to my side and the deer chased him till he saw me. The young deer took his time making his decision but finally left to play another day.


  1. Love the pics and Buddy is adorable! I'll bet that was a sweet scene in the field with the deer chasing Buddy! ;-)

  2. It was Dianne. I kept wondering how close he was going to come. Buddy is a sweetheart.

  3. We are adjusting to life with out Buster, (but will always miss him)...and life with Bugsy alone. I'm sure you know how that feels. Buddy looks like a fine dog...beautiful too. These photos are stunning.


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