Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunflowers (hope is this just part 1)

  Why do I love taking pictures of the sunflowers? All my riding buddies would love to know. Don't they all look alike. Not to me.
I really look forward to taking their pictures each year. The man who farms where we ride plants a huge field each year.

When we rode last week a few blooms were open (just like they were teasing me). I start worrying. What if we don't ride the next week? Since no one seems to share my excitement and the temps are high nineties I am steady trying to figure this out. Well so far I didn't get my ride in but I got my walk in.
My cousins and I walked to them Monday and I snapped away.

I love my family. I can talk them into anything.
The blooms aren't quite ready but should be by Friday. I like it when the whole field is yellow. I am working on the ride even if it is by myself.

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