Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunflowers Again

I made a couple of trips to see the sunflowers again this week. The first time I had planned to ride with a couple of friends but plans changed. One friend had to go welcome her new grandbaby into the world. Didn't that baby know a ride was planned?
The other friend couldn't go also so I make the decision to go by myself. I left out heading
down the road by 7AM. I strapped my camera bag on the side of the saddle just like the old days. (I didn't think about Gracie sweating and getting the bag wet. 90 degrees and she is black--what was I thinking). But the camera was fine.
It was the perfect time to take pictures and was enjoyable being by myself and taking as long as I wanted to.

The second trip was a evening walk at sunset with my aunt and Daisy, a farm dog. The sky was overcast.

It was a beautiful sunset.

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  1. What lovely photos. I love sunflowers, but have never seen a whole field of them until your blog (so thanks for sharing! :o)


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