Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures of a Wiggle Worm

You can see more black and white photos at
I wanted to show an area that I have made into a little garden. A little corner that is peaceful to me.
I have the "before" picture---

After days of work, I was ready for the "after" picture---Now entering the picture--The Wiggle Worm.
"Okay, just sit there and smile"

As I push the button-"Oh, a flower"

"Okay, now smile for me" 

"Where you going??"

"If you would please just sit there one second and smile, I promise I won't take anymore"
"Thank you"


  1. I just love that first picture! Your subject is, of course, adorable in all of them :o)

  2. Lovely photos, your wiggle worm is gorgeous! I like what you've done with your garden.

  3. Hi Brenda, I joined the Monochrome Weekend, and saw your link. Your pictures are gorgeous, and your subject is darling. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Your garden is lovely too!

    Blessings, Kathryn


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