Saturday, February 13, 2010

                                             WE WERE THE GIRLS OF THE SIXITIES

   Yesterday, I went back in time for a couple of hours. Thanks to Mr. Facebook I found two of my best friends from my childhood. One I hadn’t seen in probably 35 years. A lifetime ago. What fun!
   One commented it was like we have seen each other every day. We picked right up with our friendship like there had been no gap. We laughed, cried, talk of loved ones we had lost, our disappointments and achievements, our regrets and our wishes. And of course 50 something year old ladies have to talk about their ailments. I noticed one topic we all three exclaimed the most—we love playing with our grandbabies. 
Some of our conversation—
-“You know what I remember—Didn’t you have to go to the hospital when you were little because you had stuck meat up your nose.” (the answer was yes, that was me.)
-“Didn’t you go to school and forgot and had you had your pajama bottoms on?”
-“I remember you had to clean baseboards before we could go to the park.” “Yeah you were a princess and didn’t have to do housework.”
-“Remember when ya’ll would come to my house in the summer—one would come for 2 days and the other you would have to run off after 2 weeks.”
-“Wait, don’t say anything, I’ve got a phone call and I told my family to leave me alone for this.”
-“Remember when we got together when we were first married and you two had to house sit at a mortuary and invited us. Your husband was so spooked. Then Soul Train came on and scared us to death.”
-“What was that boy’s name that lived down the street and was so good looking?” “Yeah I used to date him.” “So did I after you.” “You dated him too? I didn’t know that!”
-“Here are pictures of the big snow.”
-We talked of our men, our children, places we lived –“the best part about one place was seeing it in my rearview mirror as I left that city.”

  Fifty years have come and gone since three little girls held hands on a playground, dreamed of being horses, kicked the boys we liked and formed a friendship that lasted a lifetime. I am sure that God gives us friends as a gift and I am thankful He let me find two long times friends.

Our reunion reminded me of a song I like-Eighties Ladies—the red words are the changes I added.

We were three little girls from school.
One (make that the other two) was pretty, one (two)was smart
And one was a borderline fool.(that’s me)
Well she's(they) still good lookin' That woman hadn't slipped a bit.
The smart one used her head She made her fortune.
And me, I cross the border every chance I get.

We were the girls of the 50's.(60’s)
Stoned (maybe stones on the playground)rock and rollers in the 60's.(Louie Louie-none of us knew the words just that they were bad)
And more than our names got changed as the 70's slipped on by.
Now we're 80's (50 something) ladies. There ain't been much these ladies ain't tried.

We've been educated. We got liberated.
And had complicating matters with men.
Oh, we've said "I do" And we've signed "I don't"
And we've sworn we'd never do that again. (hmmm I think we covered this)
Oh, we burned our bras, (mine was a small small fire)
And we burned our dinners And we burned our candles at both ends.
And we've had some children Who look just like the way we did back then.(this is so true)

Oh, but we're all grown up now.
All grown up, But none of us could tell you quite how.
We were the girls of the 50's.Stoned rock and rollers in the 60's.
And, more than our names got changed, As the 70's slipped on by.
Now we're 50 something year old ladies. There ain't been much these ladies ain't tried.

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