Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Drive-By Vacation

   We enjoy traveling but don’t get to go as much as I would like. Anyone who knows me knows I love Florida especially Destin. But my husband doesn’t share my passion. So through the years we have learned we do better with short, quick trips to Florida. 
   Sometimes I refer to these quick trips as drive-by vacations. We recently did a drive by of Louisiana, Alabama & Florida. 
   We left Memphis on a Thursday, rolled in New Orleans by 11am. Instead of wondering who would feed Tucker our weim, we just brought him along(glad we didn't do the same for our horses). Glen knows what I like to see in New Orleans. We love the city for entirely different reasons than most people. So I could see him checking things off in his head.  

Drive down the street and let her off at Café Du Monde, 

circle the block pick her, the coffee and beignets up, take her to the french market and circle while she shops, then go ride the ferry over and back, drive through Garden District, 

taking pictures of trolley cars, find a locale food stop for wonderful shrimp poorboys and heading out of NO by 3pm. Ahead of schedule.
   So that was night #1 (Tucker was tuckered out just keeping up).

  Next on the list (we both love this)  is to ride through all the fishing villages all the gulf around Gulfport. We are totally amazed at all the destruction still there from Katrinia. 

  We then go to Daulphin Isle and ride the ferry over to end up in Gulf Shores. He knows I love the outlet mall there, and I saw his eyes light up when I said I had gone through it that afternoon and was finished with it. Big mistake. That knocked a day off the list. So then seafood dinner, walk on the beach (check off two) and coffee on the beach in the morn was all that was remained. 

We accomplished that and was on the road by 7am Saturday and was heading home.
But you know, we left home laughing and talking and we were headed back home doing the same. Good Trip.

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