Thursday, February 4, 2010


I guess a horse back rider is alot like a old ball player. If they aren't riding they are talking about past rides. It is cold and wet here with more coming. There has been times in the past when that didn't stop us but this year has been different. Not really a reason why just a lot of little reasons. Our five hour rides have turned into three hours. I hope this is just what is happening now and not the trend for the future.  I have 2 cousins who are in their 80's and hop up and ride in field trials for hours.  This picture is him on his Paso Fino.
I haven't rode in the dog field trials this year as in previous years. The Nationals are next week at the Ames Planation. You can look at pictures and read about it at Hopefully we will ride in them this year. We had so much fun last year. About 400 riders in the brace we rode in.

 The problem is our horses aren't in the physical shape they have been before. The trial is about 3 hours in the morn and 3 in the afternoon. If it has been raining then you are crossing some muddy muddy fields. Some of those big gelding just act like it is a stroll. But hard on a horse out of shape. I enjoy watching the dogs run and be on a point.

But even if I don't ride I love taking pictures there. But riding is the best.

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