Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Bother?

 After a long hot ride I decided to give both horses a nice bath with sweet smelling shampoo. Rubbed and groomed, they reminded up a little child all cleaned up for Sunday School....for about 3 minutes
 Does this look like they are sorry?


  1. How funny...from this side of the computer. (-: We have to make sure the door is closed after giving Bugsy a bath or he would do the same thing...of course, he is a fraction of the size!

  2. I remember how my dogs, Alex and Abby, used to do that!

  3. Oh this made me laugh. Your commentary was so funny. I belive I have been directed to your blog in the past, and like your comment to my blog this morning, it would be hard to know why. I think God sent you to my blog this morning to inspire me ... to be reminded just how much God loves me and His handiwork is shown to us every day ... and I was inspired by all those beautiful sunflower photos. Thank you! Mary


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