Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who you like to have his job?

Could you do it?
Do what? Sandblast paint off? Not a fun job but you could do it. 
Before you answer you need the whole picture.....
Could you? I couldn't


  1. HMMM..... Not sure I could! Im not afraid of hieghts though. I just dont think that work is for me at all. Though it would be cool sitting on top of the world looking at it from the top so to speak. Is that hubbys job?

  2. No this a water tower in the community.

  3. Nope, I could not! We have a 300' cell tower on the property adjacent to ours (built in 1962) When they change the lightbulbs on this slender structure I have to go inside. It makes me crazy, but I bet the views are awesome!

  4. stopping by to say thank you.
    many hugs~

  5. Nope! Definitely not me! Much too tall and scary!


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