Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Riding Report

August Weather--95 and above    Rides--1/2 of one (too short to call a ride) Whine level--Extremely high
Last 2 weeks--Weather 80's       Rides--about 6  
 Smile level--Extremely high
  I have had several good rides lately. Like most things, to appreciate riding and not take it for granted, you need to go a month or so without it.  Today I was able to ride with a young cousin who in the past kept his horse at our house. 
He and his family and I have made some wonderful memories riding.  He is married now to a wonderful girl who loves riding also.  But she had to work today so he called see if I wanted to ride. I think I say yes and was changing shoes before he finished talking.
 He is so much fun to ride with. He rides in field trials throughout the winter and works horses in the summer keeping them in shape. So he keeps a go-ey gait most of the time. It seems like he and I always go off the beaten path whenever we ride. Our riding gang has a saying, "if there is blood on the leg or arm--it was a good ride." Just means the ride turned into a bushwhacking trail. Well today there was blood on both legs from briars and limbs--great ride. I know that is crazy sounding from from a fifty something (late something) woman but when are riding you are free and adventurous. I will go back to being a sensible grandmother when I get home.
I had taken a "shortcut" riding with a friend earlier in the week, and had got us into "some" briars and tall tall grass.Well, without thinking (I am good at that) I took us right back to that same spot from the other direction. Like once wasn't enough. "Lets go on this trail through those 3 ditches. Once we got there--same path. So this boy who used to be a little afraid and now is not afraid of anything took me down a ditch (lets call it a ravine, that sounds deeper) with Kudzu vines up to the horse's neck. I tried to take a picture but truthfully my hand was shaking too bad. Here he is on the other side.

You okay back there?   Breathe

It was a Great Ride

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