Thursday, August 26, 2010

Make the biscuits and muffins the kids are comin

We enjoy it when the grandkids have a sleep-over with us. Disney, blankets in floor, throwing rocks off the bridge, pop tarts, muffins, bikes and skates--these are a few of their favorite things.

Fun at the park and just enjoying the finally milder weather....
After a good Disney movie it is lights out..Next morning I am tiptoeing around at 5:30 and a little head pops up. So a little girl and I enjoy a beautiful sunrise while another sleephead stays in..
Ella has her turn with the camera
Then it is time for muffins--one wants chocolate, the other blueberry--no problem.

Good Memories

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  1. very sweet moments...
    their bedheads are so cute :)

    that picture of emma and the dog on the dock at sunrise...priceless. you should definitely get that on the wall!!

    beautiful photos of some precious memories.


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