Friday, April 10, 2015

Beautiful Birds

Had a couple of encounters with two different beautiful birds. The first in my own backyard. A hawk was perched on a chair in our yard near the lake.

I started out taking pictures from a good distance away, but when he didn't fly away I got closer and closer until I was right in front of him. I kept thinking if he attacks, my first thought will be, "You knew better!"

I kept snapping until the wings ruffled and lifted up. I think that was my warning. I blinked first and backed away.

My second encounter was an eagle in the wild. At Shiloh Tennessee, in the middle of the battlefield and canons, a pair of eagles have built nest and had babies.

The nest was enormous.

Would love to go back when the babies start to fly.


  1. My goodness, quite the experiences...I have never seen a hawk so approachable, excellent photos! Eagle nests are humongous ...what a magnificent bird!


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