Thursday, December 22, 2011

Memory Making Days

I enjoy those times that your day isn't planned but turns out to be memory-making day. I had a couple like that this week. The first time was when my husband went on a ride with a friend and I.
Enjoyed the cold ride in a field trial.

The other memory day was a trip downtown with my daughter and grandkids. I always love walking through the Peabody.

Next, a good grilled shrimp poorboy at Flying Fish, a quick walk down Beale Street to Schwab's Store 

 then met my son-in-law for a walk around the Mississippi River.

Thankful for these kind of days.


  1. Lovely pics! Seeing Memphis makes me homesick! Your family is beautiful...

  2. Brenda, these are truly beautiful pics, and more so because they record the beautiful memories you created with your loved ones on this special day.



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