Saturday, November 13, 2010

Horse Week

Had a great horse week. Rode with my husband and other friends last weekend in a Britney Spaniel field trial. You ride with a group of people (the gallery) behind judges and handlers on horseback through fields and woods. Don't ask how many birds or finds there were..I was too busy enjoying the ride.
It was 24 degrees one morn but I had layer my clothes well so I was warm (75 degrees later on the week but that's Tennessee).

Here are our horses eagerly coming when I call out do you want to carry us for four hours at a fast pace (only a non-horse person will think I am serious).

...and here is Preacher when he understands what is going to happen...
You can see the brakes being applied.
(for more black and white photos go to Black & White Weekend


  1. Lovely! Is it possible to take a bad photo of a horse? This is a great sequence. That first photo (Preacher?) is a gem.

  2. Wow! A great shot! I've never ridden a horse.. Hope someday, I will... =)

    Anyway, I love the 3 last pictures. Not b&w, but still very lovely. And the brakes.. wow! Preacher is one smart horse. =)

    Here's mine.. Hope you could drop by, too. =)

  3. Love the one of the horse galloping toward us!!!

  4. I try not to be too envious of these beautiful photos of horses. Sometimes I just sit in my car and watch my neighbors horses run!

  5. Anita sounds like you need to take the next step. I enjoy them so much.

  6. Lovely photos of your horses, it must have been so fun to do that field trial.
    Have a great day!

  7. lovely images of a majestic creature.


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