Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Festival Time

My grandchildren, my Aunt and I went to a Heritage Festival at the Ames Plantation. This is a pre-civil manor and estate that has been preserved Ames Plantation. I love this area and have grown up going to family reunions in one of the old beautiful houses here. In fact, my sister grew up thinking and telling everyone my Uncle Joe owned the Ames Plantation. We later found out he worked there and rented this home. (Our story got more attention). This is also the land that we ride in the bird dog field trials each year.
It was a beautiful day and fun to see different ones dressed in costume of Civil War era, (I guess they were dressed as Yankees since they won).
It is funny we have a tractor at home but one of my grandchildren's favorite things was climbing on hugh shiny tractors.

Fun Day!

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