Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Had a great ride. Lower temps mean two things--one, a pleasant ride but also more spirited horses. We left out at 8:30 about 3 of us to meet the others. I am always on the lookout on our 1/2 mile ride up the road to the fields. We usually have a school bus go by and Gracie will act up. Today was even worse. 2 Horse-eaters plus fresh horses. They were cutting the limbs on the side of the road with a big tractor and an arm that comes out with blades. Then the truck behind it grinded it with a loud gasoline grinder. I tried to get Gracie to go up to it and we had whirling and she was up on her toes. Little short hops ready to bolt. The workers  finally got far enough down that we could get off and lead them by. I was as nervous as my horse.
After the adrenaline high the rest of the ride went great but uneventful. Sometimes I think the part that make Gracie dance around is also the reason she gaits and rides so well.  We met up with the rest of our gang and headed out. They were cutting the soybeans in several fields so it makes it fun to ride in the cut fields. All the makings of a good day.

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